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An amazing selection of products from around the world!

Bakker’s General Store and European Deli specializes in European imports, primarily from Holland, Poland, Russia, Belgium, and Switzerland.

We carry top quality products such as Dutch licorice, Gouda cheese, Polish sausages, Russian Pelmeni and caviar. To search through our stock of fine foods, please scroll through this page.

During the holiday seasons Bakker’s imports specialty items such as chocolate letter, gift ware, football jerseys and fireworks!


Here is a gallery of a few products offered at Bakker’s General Store. Feel free to browse and contact us if you have any special requests.

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Bakker’s is constatly stocked with amazing delicious European Groceries. Come for a visit and explore all the unique products Bakker’s General Store has to offer.

Brands offered at Bakker's

These are just a few of many brands offered at Bakker’s General Store.

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